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Researching Team Dynamics, Personality and Behaviour of Team Members Working on Antarctic Research Stations: A Literature review and suggestions for a future study

Antonis Gavalas
OKS Research & Consulting Network


The present study makes a literature review of groups working under adverse conditions on Antarctic research stations. It is explained why is conducting research on isolated groups in Antarctica valuable and some findings of previous research are presented, showing the traits the right candidate should have, as well as other evidence on team dynamics. It examines the research methods used in previous studies, comparing quantitative vs. qualitative approaches. Then it is suggested a qualitative approach for a future investigation, using the participant observation technique, based on the premise that it is the less used approach, which could possibly add valuable knowledge in literature. It is asserted that participant observation, even biased and subjective, may yield new and important information. Piling up knowledge, by using the specific technique, would eventually provide us with converging conclusions, standing for objective results.


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Available online www.oksrc.gr/ non-peer reviewed paper
Correspondence: Antonis Gavalas, co-founder of the OKS R&C Network
www.oksrc.gr, e-mail: antonis@oksrc.gr



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